DPP Group Lifestyle Balance Master Training Workshop 2021

DPP Group Lifestyle Balance Master Training Workshop:

Virtual Master Training Available Fall 2021

More information coming soon!Faculty members of the Diabetes Prevention Support Center (DPSC) of the University of Pittsburgh have partnered with SparkPro Training™ to offer a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Group Lifestyle Balance™ Master Trainer Program to prepare experienced providers to deliver Lifestyle Coach training workshops for health providers within their organization.


A key component for successful DPP Group Lifestyle Balance™ program delivery is standardized and comprehensive training for health providers who are delivering the program.  This allows for a high level of quality in program implementation, as well as long-term sustainability within large organizations that are delivering the DPP Group Lifestyle Balance™program. The hands on, two-day DPP Group Lifestyle Balance™ Master Trainer workshop is conducted by expert faculty from the original DPP team, and is designed to provide experienced DPP Group Lifestyle Balance™ providers with the skills and materials necessary to provide Lifestyle Coach training and support for implementation in the community.

SparkPro Training is one of only 12 CDC-approved  DPP Coach training organizations in the US. 

Please contact us for more information and to obtain the application at engage@sparkprotraining.com