Real Life GLB Stories


Diabetes Prevention Is Possible
“Years ago if you had asked me what my chances were of getting diabetes, I would have said, ‘None.’ That, of course, was before I saw a newspaper advertisement about the Diabetes Prevention Program at the University of Pittsburgh. The advertisement included information about the risk factors for diabetes. To my surprise and chagrin, I had most of them!”


Accountability Is What I Needed To Reach My Goal
“When going to the doctor I know I’m not alone in hearing those dreaded words, ‘You need to lose weight and get more exercise.’ Well, in my visit to the doctor I not only heard those words, but he also suggested a program that could help me to achieve those results. He recommended the Group Lifestyle Balance Program, which was being offered right in my doctor’s office.”


Changing My Lifestyle
“When my doctor gave me the results of my blood work he also recommended the Group Lifestyle Balance Program, telling me ‘Frank you could benefit from this program’ and benefit I did!”


Success Breeds Success
“I’m a retired police officer who’s always loved the active life. I’m also a competitive guy, so whether it was volleyball, softball, bowling, or doing structured exercises at the gym, I always gave it my best. And I was pretty good!”


A Sound Mind and Body Achieved through Lifestyle Changes
“A retired administrator and teacher, I now spend the majority of my time cooking, reading, traveling, and gardening. I had been in a weight loss program years before and had slowly seen the weight creep back on. I decided my weight had gotten to an unacceptable (and potentially dangerous) point and coincidentally saw a flyer for the Group Lifestyle Balance (GLB) program in my doctor’s office. I asked my doctor if I would be eligible for the program, and when he told me I was, I joined with a determination to succeed.


A Great Gift!
“Most people decide to change the way they eat and exercise for typical reasons. They want to lose weight, feel less sluggish, or take fewer medications. I’m no exception. It started with a regular check-up that showed a blood glucose reading of 100 (just in the pre-diabetic range). When my wife looked over the results she urged me to make some changes. Since the holidays were nearing I told her I would make some health changes in part as a Christmas gift for her. As it turns outs I received the bigger gift!”


More to come..