Changing My Lifestyle

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When my doctor gave me the results of my blood work he also recommended the Group Lifestyle Balance Program, telling me “Frank you could benefit from this program” and benefit I did!

Being a part of the Group Lifestyle Balance Program helped me achieve a 30 pound weight loss and gave me a new perspective on my health. I don’t want to go back to where I was – EVER! Sure I had to make some lifestyle changes but that is what I needed. I was taking medicine for elevated cholesterol and to control my blood pressure. Since making lifestyle changes my cholesterol dropped and my blood pressure and blood sugar level are in the normal range. I’m off my medicine and I couldn’t be happier.

I knew I could make the lifestyle changes once I put my mind to it, anyone can once they make up their mind to do it. You can’t just go through the motions; you have to be diligent about the changes you need to make. I put into place two strategies that have really helped me to achieve my goal; reducing my portion sizes and no snacking after 6 pm. It’s not all about the food, staying active every day goes hand-in-hand with what I eat, and helps me to maintain my weight loss.

No lifestyle change is without its challenges. My wife and I really enjoy going out to dinner so finding restaurants that have healthy choices to keep me on target has been an issue that I have to deal with. It works best that we plan ahead before going to a restaurant. Knowing what’s on the menu gives us the chance to preplan and think about our choices. Then we can enjoy our meal and stay on track.

Attending the group sessions was really beneficial and the materials we received were extremely helpful. The group interaction, from the discussions about cooking techniques to new foods at the grocery store, all provided me with great ideas. My wife has also benefited from me being in the program by losing weight as well.

We have changed the way we live…. we think healthy, we buy healthy, we eat healthy…and the result is worth it!