Diabetes Prevention Program Group Lifestyle Balance™ Materials

A Modification of the Diabetes Prevention Program’s Lifestyle Change Program © 2008; 2010; 2011; 2017; University of Pittsburgh. The Diabetes Prevention Program GROUP LIFESTYLE BALANCE™ (DPP GLB) manual and materials are made available to the public subject to the following Creative Commons License: Creative Commons – Attribution – ShareAlike 4.0 International. Accordingly, the manual and materials may be downloaded, duplicated, transmitted and otherwise distributed for educational or research purposes, as well as commercially, provided proper credits are given to the University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Prevention Support Center and the Diabetes Prevention Program research team.  In addition, you must provide a link to the license and also indicate if any changes were made to the materials. If you remix, transform, or build upon the materials, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. For further information on use of the DPP GLB manual or materials, contact the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Technology Management at 412-648-2206.

One-Year DPP Group Lifestyle Balance™ Curriculum:

The DPP GLB is approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for application to the National Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program.
Click here for a summary of major curriculum revisions from the 2011 version.
Complete DPP Group Lifestyle Balance for Print includes all Leader’s Guides and Participants Handouts for the full one-year program. (536 pages)
DPP Group Lifestyle Balance Leader Guides includes only the Leader’s Guide for the full one-year program. (205 pages)
DPP Group Lifestyle Balance Participant Handouts includes only the Participant Handouts for the full one-year program. (283 pages)
The recommended schedule for program delivery and all Core and Post-Core Participant Handouts and Leader’s Guides are listed below.

Month 1 weekly, 4 per month

1: Welcome to the Diabetes Prevention Program: Group Lifestyle Balance (Handout, Leader Guide) 2: Be a Calorie Detective (Handout, Leader Guide) 3: Healthy Eating (Handout, Leader Guide) 4: Move Those Muscles (Handout, Leader Guide)

Month 2 weekly, 4 per month

5: Tip the Calorie Balance (Handout, Leader Guide) 6: Take Charge of What’s Around You (Handout, Leader Guide) 7: Problem Solving (Handout, Leader Guide) 8: Step Up Your Physical Activity Plan (Handout, Leader Guide)

Month 3 weekly, 4 per month

9: Manage Slips and Self-Defeating Thoughts (Handout, Leader Guide) 10: Four Keys to Healthy Eating Out (Handout,  Leader Guide) 11: Make Social Cues Work for You (Handout, Leader Guide) 12: Ways to Stay Motivated (Handout, Leader Guide)

Core-Transition Sessions fade frequency

Month 4 bi-weekly, 2 per month

13: Strengthen Your Physical Activity Plan (Handout, Leader Guide) 14: Take Charge of Your Lifestyle (Handout, Leader Guide)

Month 5 bi-weekly, or monthly

15: Mindful Eating, Mindful Movement (Handout, Leader Guide)

Month 6 bi-weekly, or monthly

16: Manage Your Stress (Handout, Leader Guide)

Support Sessions variable sequence

Month 7 monthly

17: Sit Less For Your Health (Handout, Leader Guide)

Month 8 monthly

18: More Volume, Fewer Calories (Handout, Leader Guide)

Month 9 monthly

19: Stay Active (Handout, Leader Guide)

Month 10 monthly

20: Balance Your Thoughts (HandoutLeader Guide)

Month 11 monthly

21: Heart Health (Handout, Leader Guide)

Month 12 monthly

22: Look Back and Look Forward (HandoutLeader Guide)

Companion Materials for the DPP GLB Physical Activity Sessions: Pedometer Packet Resistance Training Packet Stretching Packet Click here for the 2011 DPP Group Lifestyle Balance Complete Curriculum The 2017 DPP GLB Curriculum is not currently available in Spanish.  Click here for the 2011 Spanish Curriculum.