Diabetes Prevention Support Center

Group Lifestyle BalanceTM Program

The Group Lifestyle Balance program is based on the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) (New England Journal of Medicine, Feb. 7, 2002), a national study funded by the National Institues of Health, which demonstrated that small changes in lifestyle such as healthy eating and increased physical activity could lower the chances of developing type 2 diabetes in those at high risk for the disease. Making healthy lifestyle changes was also found to reduce risk for the metabolic syndrome (Annals of Internal Medicine 142:611–619, 2005). The evidence–based Group Lifestyle BalanceTM program, adapted from the DPP, is designed to help patients make lifestyle changes to both prevent diabetes and prevent or treat the metabolic syndrome.

The program is called "Lifestyle Balance" because it can help individuals reach and maintain a healthy balance between two parts of their lifestyle:
  • Eating
  • Physical Activity
The goals of the Group Lifestyle BalanceTM program are to:
  • Lose 7% of weight through healthy eating.
  • Achieve and maintain a physical activity level of at least 150 minutes each week of moderate intense activity similar to a brisk walk.
This website provides information about the Group Lifestyle BalanceTM program for the public and for health professionals.